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PostSubject: ExNihil   Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:18 am

RoC Name: ExNihil

Commander: Dank_TNE

Alliance: TNE

Stats link: http://ruinsofchaos.com/stats.php?id=26067

Primary Language: English

How can TNE help you?: Honestly can't say. Just hopin' everyone here are a good group of fun people to play with. Maybe make click sells easier, find good hits, the usual.

How can you help TNE?: I'm a past player of KoC Age 2 and up. I'm pretty good at building a strong account quick that could be used to aid TNE in Sab hits and other such. Also I'm a pretty faithful clicker, 2 or 3 days active already clicked around 15k total, most of thos would be sold or donated, sometimes I used to even do little competitions with click credits as rewards. We'll see (Better stop before I get too long winded.)

Last step, message one of the Leaders ingame ruinsofchaos to confirm your identity and be granted members access: Heh already have been.
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PostSubject: Re: ExNihil   Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:08 pm

Access granted, let us know if you need anything Very Happy

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