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 Dank_TNE (Example Form)

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PostSubject: Dank_TNE (Example Form)   Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:25 am

RoC Name: Dank_TNE

Commander: hammi

Alliance: The New Era

Stats link: http://www.ruinsofchaos.com/stats.php?id=23181

Primary Language: English

How can TNE help you?: Stay active and loyal <3

How can you help TNE?: I will put all my effort into making TNE one of the most powerful RoC Alliances.

Last step, message one of the Leaders ingame ruinsofchaos to confirm your identity and be granted members access:

Dank_TNE: http://www.ruinsofchaos.com/stats.php?id=23181
mexijews_TNE: http://www.ruinsofchaos.com/stats.php?id=24325
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Dank_TNE (Example Form)
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